About Relic Gardens – Ventura, CA Landscape Company

Hello and thank you for visiting!  I am happy to share my passion with you.  -Ryan

We are RELIC (Regenerative Edible Landscaping In California) Gardens plant nursery and regenerative landscaping company serving Ventura and Santa Barbara counties.  Our designs and installations are a true relic of the concept Garden of Eden where soil is healthy, food is abundant, and spending money on chemicals and fertilizer is unnecessary.  We provide everything you need:  plants, consultation, design, installation, irrigation, construction, and a whole lot more to bring your vision into fruition.

Serving Ventura, Oxnard, Camarillo, Moorpark, Thousand Oaks, Santa Paula, Ojai & Santa Barbara

We are currently equipped for small to large residential or small scale commercial landscape design & installation including but not limited to:  irrigation (repair or installation), hardscaping & grading (paths, walls, earthworks, terra-forming), softscaping (planting, gardening, living fences, etc.), A-Z gardening services, maintenance & more.  (See complete list of services)

UPDATES (updated regularly, last 4/16/2018): 

  • The selection of plants in our nursery is still growing – perennial veggies & herbs and medicinal flowers and teas this year – fruit trees next year! 
  • Currently about 5 fruit trees and 30 edible, medicinal, or functional/useful plants.  Soon to be 100+
  • Website is still under development, plant database to be added soon.
  • Free Consultations Ending in April, then will be $25/hr

Get the job done right the first time with our tools, knowledge and 25+ years of combined expertise

Our team brings 25+ years of combined experience in botany, horticulture, beyond-organic regenerative gardening and perennial, permanent agriculture (aka “permaculture” food forest) systems.  As regenerative landscape architects we specialize in edible, medicinal, functional & beneficial plants, natural water movement systems, and natural forest ecology.  We are dedicated to comprehensive training, extensive research, personal and structural safety (all of our services strictly comply with building codes & city ordinances, evaluated and researched by the project), holistic practices, optimal efficiency and performance, and healing the eco-system and surrounding environment while we work.

Forests are extremely resilient, holding onto water throughout dry periods and fertilizing themselves without needing to be sprayed with tons of fertilizer, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, etc.; meanwhile they fed humans and animals year after year for millions of years before the advent of industrial agriculture.  With pretty simple human interaction, these natural systems can be restored and designed, trained and optimized to focus the production of abundance & usefulness while using half of the water of a typical lawn!

Free Consultations

We will chat with you and pull up your property with satellite imagery to scale and recommend proper plants according to space/water requirements, sun / shade exposure, intended purpose, resiliency, or 30 other of our different deciding factors.

Professional Consultations

We will meet with you to discuss your vision and budget for your space and then conceptualize it all in a formal blue-print for your approval before building & installation.  Once we have your design conceptualized on paper (or in your e-mail), our tools, skills and commitment will bring your dream to reality from A-Z. For any services required that may be outside of our scope, we can subcontract or recommend a partner company from our list of trusted contractors.

We make growing your own food extremely easy and fun with tons of learning resources and/or services along the way

Want to grow your own high quality organic, pesticide-free, nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables but not sure where to start or feel like you might not have a “green thumb”?  We are here to help, online and in-person, and change Ventura County into a region that can sustainably and even regeneratively grow all of its own organic food.  We provide everything you need including consultation, design, tree trimming / plant removal, stump grinding, debris removal, soil remediation, plant installation, automated irrigation design & installation, implementation, garden services, care, pruning, trimming, etc.  Not only that, with our vast informational database and rare & exotic nursery located in Ventura, you can easily be growing all of your own exotic fruits and vegetables including tropical fruits, year round.

Simply understanding how nutrients are recycled by nature and how plants depend upon each other, bacteria & fungi in the soil can dramatically change your perspective on plants and gardening, help you understand why plants may fail and die (even when you’re using recommended store bought fertilizer), and let you see how easy it really is to grow your own groceries WITHOUT PAYING FOR FERTILIZER, PESTICIDES, OR HERBICIDES. For much more crucial info, see these two e-books for free on our website: “The Nitrogen Cycle, Nutrient Recycling, Composting & Mulching Master Handbook” and “Symbiotic Relationships Between Plants, Fungi & Bacteria; Myccorhizal Networks and How They Are All Damaged By Industrial Fertilizers & Pesticides”. For even more radical information, check this out: Humanure Handbook E-Book (sign up via e-mail to receive free e-books; we took time to write these and would like to see who is reading them and would appreciate you allowing us to occasionally send you e-mail updates about our “Save Eden” campaign, where we are trying to restore and regenerate Ventura County’s topsoils so that it becomes a self-sustaining Garden of Eden.

HOW IT WORKS: OUR TYPICAL PROCESS (skip any unneeded step)

Step 1 – Soil / Site Analysis & Remediation – Test soil for health:  Structure, pH, nutrient quality and mineral content.  Amend & mulch properly for long-term benefits.  Plant the right species to self-fertilize forever (see below).

Step 2 – Irrigation Design & Installation (we can design landscapes around existing irrigation/sprinkler systems or design & install brand new ones with our recommendations or your own)

Step 3 – Plant Selection & Planting – Pick & choose your plants from our vast, specialized database or let us recommend to you a customized “special price” selection based upon what we currently have in stock in our nursery (usually 20% cheaper than garden centers and appropriate plants will always be recommended accordingly, we will never sell you a plant that we know might not survive in it’s intended spot/location and absolutely guarantee this). If you want to select some plants that we do not have in stock, we can assist with seeking them out at another local nursery or ordering them for you online/caring for them upon delivery & transplanting to proper containers to grow until ready to plant in ground.

Step 4 – As a by-product, improve the quality of your diet, physical health & mental health, energy levels and possibly / probably your life.

Step 5 – Save time & money on food, the water bill, and healthcare by supporting your immune system & human frame with all the nutrients, vitamins & minerals it needs to perform optimally and prevent disease.

Bonus:  Increase the overall beauty & value of property.  Bonus #2:  Sell that property and do it again?

Step 6 – Wonder why you didn’t do this sooner?


With the cost of healthy food going up, the nutrient density/quality going down in (conventional food due to top soils depleted in trace minerals), and the fragility of the current food distribution system, it is a no-brainer to grow your own organic food forest in order to save money on food and water (1/2 the water of a lawn!), eat better, and protect yourself from food desert / disaster related situations / SHTF scenarios. Concerned about the drought? Our soil restoration techniques combined with proper planting mulching methods REDUCE THE AMOUNT OF WATER NEEDED TO LESS THAN HALF A TYPICAL GRASS YARD USES.  You’ll be growing high quality, delicious fruits and vegetables for 1/2 the price of watering a lawn and you’ll be eating exotic foods that ripen on the plant and NOT IN A FREIGHT TRUCK (AMAZING TASTE DIFFERENCE!).