Plant Pricing and Typical Cost Estimates  – UNDER CONSTRUCTION

You can find pricing and cost estimates of all of our plants and services here and by clicking the links below to navigate to the specific service information page / plant database page. 

We are in this for the planet and the people, but we do have to make a living in an expensive place to live.

Our pricing is usually MUCH more affordable than big box stores/nurseries and typical landscape design companies.  On top of that,


10% of all profits  go into our Save Eden campaign to fund plant giveaways and to donate design/installations to communities in need and for public areas to provide food for the community.  We hope to donate 2-3 relics every year to the community of Ventura and eventually beyond (starting January 2019).


Take advantage of our free estimates & quotes, enjoy our custom options & as-needed pricing, and save 10-25% by bundling services and/or plants from us.

Save even more time and money by getting everything in one place (plants and services):

  • Purchase more than $250 worth of plants or services and get 10% off!
  • $500+ = 15% off!
  • $1,000+ = 20% off!
  • $5,000+ = 25% off!

Example – Order $260 worth of banana and citrus trees and only spend $234.

Tax is already included in all of our prices for no surprises.




– Pay as you go or $140 up front for another $10 off!
– Compare that to $210 for six months, our standard $35/mo rate (save 33% or $70 in total with this special!)

– 100 total manpower minutes of initial site clean up on first visit (crew of 2 for 50 minutes or 3 for 35 minutes)
– Weeding, pruning, plant removal, debris hauling (up to one truckload), plant thinning, transplanting,
– Tree trimming up to 13 ft tall — larger trees require an extra $15 per foot in height roughly (we will provide a free quote)
– $20 worth of rich organic compost & trace mineral blend top dressing applied to plants that need it most on first visit! (includes organic sources rich in NPK, Calcium, and Azomite for 72 trace elements required by plants)
– 1 MAN HOUR VISIT EVERY MONTH FOR CONTINUOUS UPKEEP (we will stay up to 70 minutes if needed)

This deal is for Ventura City residents only – sorry to the rest of Ventura County!

Need more work than a simple landscape tune up? Our landscape design, installation and gardening services range from $15-$30 / hr depending on the project and we always provide a free quote.  Please get in touch!


Determine your budget and we can draw up a mockup design with different options or tell us your dream and we will give you a free quote! It doesn’t matter either way; we just want to upgrade your home with a food forest so Ventura can be an even better, more life supporting and food resilient place.

Tree Removal – $20 per tree/shrub up to 10 ft. tall + $4 per additional foot  ($36 for a 14 foot-tall tree)

– Includes trimming branches and trunk down to the stump,a and hauling/removal.  Stump & root removal / stump grinding is an additional $40 per foot of tree trunk diameter ($80 to remove a stump that is 2 feet in diameter)

Plant/shrub removal – $1 per square foot for anything under 5 ft. tall;  $2 per square foot for 5-10 ft tall shrubs
– Includes plant trimming, pruning, digging up (minimal soil disturbance), and complete root removal/hauling away of yard waste.
*We can turn your yard waste into a wood-chipped composting mulch top-dressing for extra long-term soil benefits for an additional fee calculated on a project by project basis.

Planting Fruit Trees – $25 per tree (up to 5 gallon);  $40 per 5-15 gallon
– Includes digging hole 1.5x the depth & 2.5x the diameter of root mass plus soil amendments/nutrients/fertilizer/top dressing & 2-inch layer of mulch with 1 year worth of “plant food” and 5+ years worth of trace minerals in a balanced, organic, slow-release blend.

Planting – cost varies by plant – $1-5 per plant under a gallon size.
– Includes soil amendments, top dressing & 1-2 inch layer of mulch with 3-6 months worth of plant food and 5+ years worth of minerals in a balanced, organic, slow-release blend.

Herb spiral planter construction – $180 for a 5 ft. x 3 ft. tall or $600 for a 10 ft. x 4 foot tall herb spiral garden installation (a 10×4′ provides 4x the growing area and the amount of work/materials to build).
– Includes labor and materials: brick, stone and/or timber/repurposed tree branches + soil/compost for 6+ months of slow-release plant nutrients and minerals + trace minerals.

Mulching with a 3-4 inch layer of woodchips and leaves on top of compost mulch is recommended for 1-2+ years worth of fertility for only $0.50 extra per square foot of ground area
– Example – $400 for a 20 x 50 foot area or 1,000 sq. ft.
– 3″ minimum layer of much * 1 square foot @ $0.50 = $2.00 per cubic foot of mulch

Soil-remediation for existing plants – $10 per foot diameter of trunk

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