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Soil / Site Health Analysis & Remediation

Life begins with and depends upon good, healthy soil.

One of the most common reasons people are fooled into thinking they don’t have a green thumb is because they are dealing with neglected, dead and/or worse – contaminated soils, likely compacted by construction and industrialization, further compounding the problems.  Over time, especially in urban/suburban compacted soils, nutrients and minerals in the soil leech out into storm drains during regular irrigation or heavy rains, leaving the soil a tan/light colored, hard to penetrate, almost cement like structure and consistency.  By incorporating our own blend of sea weed, rock dust, wood ash, worm castings, organic goat/horse manure AND compost into the soil, we immediately and vastly improve its available nutrient quality, replace much needed trace minerals & nutrients that are necessary for vigorous growth & disease-resistance (for both the plants and you!) and provide organic matter to break down over time for the long term sustained release of nutrients back into the soil leading to the complete revitalization of the soil, eco-system and cycle of life!

We will take multiple soil samples from around the site to test for pH, nutrient and mineral levels and other physical characteristics to create a profile of your soil.  If it differs in certain areas, we will lay it out on a map for you!  From that profile, we will create a list of plants from our specialized plant database that will grow well in your soil as is.  Or if you want to grow other things, for example blueberries, we can amend the soil to target and support the specific nutrient, mineral, pH and mulching needs of those plants / planting areas and then recommend a plan for future amendments.

About soil & plant nutrients

All plants require the macro-nutrients Nitrogen, Phosphorus & Potassium, Sulfur, Calcium, Magnesium to grow properly and several other micro-nutrients and trace minerals like copper and boron, etc., to fully thrive / fruit to their full potential.  Certain plants will not fruit or may even die if a certain mineral or element is missing from the soil such as selenium, zinc, manganese, etc.  Our plant database specifies all of the nutrient and minerals needs of all of our plants, ensuring successful harvests for you for years to come.  Most if not all plants benefit tremendously from our custom blended organic soil amendments made with compost, bio-char, trace minerals, rock dust, wood ash, manure and some other 100% organic ingredients to achieve a perfect balance of natural richness.  Most plants also benefit from at least a 2-3 inch layer (or up to a foot deep layer for certain plants) of mulch to protect soil life from sterilizing UV sun rays, to retain soil moisture, and to break down over time slow-releasing nutrients for long term added benefits and the creation of a crucial soil building block called humus, which never breaks down, is like a super sponge for water and soil life, can exist for thousands of years if your soil is always properly mulched, and is a key element in the vigorous and resilient nature of forests.  Click here to learn more about soil, nutrients and minerals, and how plants interact with them.  

Comprehensive soil analysis & site survey including sun-exposure, water run-off & soil testing to determine soil type, nutrient/mineral levels, soil pH, optimal plants to grow/planting locations, soil-remediation strategies (if needed), soil amendments needed (if any), proper mulch recommendations for long term benefits & soil health, etc.  Results are provided via electronic or printed documentation upon request.

  • Site/soil testing & analysis starting at $35 per visit and an additional $20 per additional 1,000 sq. ft.  ($70-100 for a large residential front and backyard)
  • $4.50 per cubic ft. soil amendments / top-dressing delivered and applied by our team – “Black gold” rich in micro-nutrients, trace minerals & beneficial microorganisms custom blended for plant type / application  (please contact us if you’d like to pick up and load your own instead of receive delivery at a reduced price)
  • $2.50 per cubic ft. mulch delivered and applied by our team – Organic Nitrogen-Carbon balanced leaf/wood chip mulch custom blended for application  (please contact us if you’d like to pick up and load your own instead of receive delivery at a reduced price)