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Gardening Services & Landscape Maintenance

Complete organic garden care / lawn & landscape maintenance services starting at $25/hr!

Gardening services & landscape maintenance are different for every landscape and every plant.  We understand that and will build a custom-fit maintenance plan that will tackle what’s needed at the right time during the right season for optimal blooming, fruiting, & vegetative growth.

On demand or regularly scheduled visits including the following services and more:

  • Mowing, edging, weeding, blowing, hedging & properly pruning delicate plants
  • Organic fertilization (included in price) with organic nutrient & mineral blend, top-dressing & mulching as needed ($5 worth of wood chip mulch for free every 1-hour visit or $30 per cubic yard delivered)
  • Compacted soil aeration & humic demineralization to form spongy, forest-type soil over time
  • Soil-prep, planting, transplanting – always the right way guaranteed!
  • Plant-removal, tree-removal, debris-removal, unregulated structure demolition, hauling (surcharge may apply for large loads)

To get an idea of how much we can accomplish in a 2-hour visit, here are a couple examples:

  • Trim/prune shrubs, trees and hedges, mow and weed an entire front and back-yard (~3,000 sq ft takes around 2 hours to maintain but may require up to 4-5 hours initially depending on overgrowth)
  • Plant 1,000 sq. ft. of space, about the size of half of a typical backyard.

*Trees under 13 ft. in height.  We must quote for larger tree trimming and removal in person or over the phone.  Thank you!


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