LandscapingPlanting & Installation

Full-service Landscape Design & Installation

Using the golden-ratio, the rule of thirds, visual triangulation, natural contouring and other “divine” design principles, we stray away from rigid, cookie-cutter landscape design templates that are commonly used and craft a customized paradise for you and your family based upon both your preferences and what will do the best in the space provided.  We are not your typical landscaping company.

We specialize in and focus on designing and installing gardens of Eden: perennial & self-seeding food forest systems and native beneficial & regenerative plant species.  We design landscapes that not only provide abundant and exotic fruits, veggies, herbs & spices but also self-fertilize and build the soil instead of deplete it with just a little maintenance.

  • Softscape design / plant location: optimal sun & wind exposure, humidity & moisture, and soil conditions for each species.
  • Irrigation design, installation and/or repair (we can design & plant around existing irrigation systems or design & install new, optimally water-efficient ones!
  • Permaculture food forests, perennial agriculture, permanent self-regenerating edible eco-systems, drought tolerant edible landscapes & more.

The Process

Pick & choose your favorite plants from our database of edible, medicinal and functional plants that is hand tailored to our climate and then let us design a custom blue-print / planting strategy according to what will grow optimally in each location.  If you want to grow something listed in our database that we do not have in stock, we can assist with ordering them from our network of nursery growers (no middle man fees) and care for them until ready to plant – usually at prices still cheaper than big box nurseries!