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Specialty Plant Nursery

Visit our specialized plant nursery located in East Ventura with plants hand selected for Ventura’s subtropical, Mediterranean climate.

Organically grown edible, aesthetic, medicinal & functional plants:

  • rare, specialty tropical & exotic fruit trees,

  • deciduous fruit trees,

  • perennial vegetables,

  • herbs & spices,

  • drought tolerant natives,

  • butterfly / bee / pollinator / beneficial insect-attracting plants,

  • nitrogen-fixers + dynamic-accumulators,

  • and some hardy self-sowing annual veggies acclimated to our climate for 5+ years.

***Current working database of what I have growing / germinating / propagating right now.  Links will be created to pages with more information for each plant and this page will be expanded as the plants and more plants become available for purchase.***

Plant Name(s) Species (Latin Name) Cultivar / Variety
PERENNIAL VEGETABLES Perennial Leaf crops, root crops, edible flowers, etc.
Asparagus Asparagus officinalis Purple Passion – Sweeter than green or white varieties with higher sugar and lower fibre levels.
Jerusalem Artichoke, also called sunroot, sunchoke, earth apple, or topinambour Helianthus tuberosus
Bele, Aibika, or Abelmoschus Manihot; also known as the sunset muskmallow, sunset hibiscus, or hibiscus manihot. “The aibika is a flowering plant in the mallow family Malvaceae. It was formerly considered a species of Hibiscus, but is now classified in the genus Abelmoschus.
Abelmoschus manihot – (L.)Medik.”
Hibiscus “Cranberry” ; Hibiscus “False Roselle” Hibiscus acetosella
Canna (Achira, Arrowroot) Canna Indica, Canna Edulis, Canna Orientalis. Canna indica, commonly known as Indian shot, African arrowroot, edible canna, purple arrowroot, Sierra Leone arrowroot, is a plant species in the family Cannaceae.
Bell Peppers, Chili Peppers, Hot Peppers Capsiscum
Red Manzano Pepper (mahn zah noh); Rocoto/Apple Chilli, Chile Peron, Chile Caballo & Chile Ciruelo Capsicum pubescens known as Chile Peron,Chile Caballo & Chile Ciruelo. Red Manzano
Malabar Spinach, Vine Spinach Basella alba Red Stem & Green Stem Varieties
Okinawa Spinach (Gynura Crepioides / Bicolor; Asteraceae Family) There is only one variety of this species known.
Longetivy Spinach, ‘Cholesterol Spinach’ Gynura procumbens; Asteraceae Family Longevity
Sisso, Perennial Spinach (Brazilian Spinach, Aztec Spinach, Sambu or Samba lettuce) Alternanthera sisso; Amaranthaceae Family.
Tomato tree, Tzimbalo Solanum caripense
Yacon, Peruvian Ground Apple

FRUIT & NUT Species Cultivar / Variety
Almond Prunus dulcis All-in-One Almond, Semi-dwarf on Viking rootstock.
Apple (Low-Chill)
Dwarf Golden Apricot as an understory
Biriba, Wild Sugar Apple Rollinia deliciosa
Cherimoya (Custard Apple, Chirimoya, Chirimolla)
” “Annona cherimola Mill.; Annonaceae Family.
Related species: Ilama (Annona diversifolia), Pond Apple (A. glabra), Manrito (A. jahnii). Mountain Soursop (A. montana), Soursop (A. muricata), Soncoya (A. purpurea), Bullock’s Heart (A. reticulata), Sugar Apple (Annona squamosa), Atemoya (A. cherimola X A. squamosa).
Distant affinity: Pawpaw (Asimina triloba), Biriba (Rollinia deliciosa), Wild Sweetsop (R. mucosa), Keppel Apple (Stelechocarpus burakol).
Soursop Fruit Tree Annona muricata
Citrus Lemon “Eureka”
Citrus Orange “Valencia”
Citrus Orange “Mandarin”
Citrus Kumquat
Fig Tree Turkey Fig, Ficus Brown Turkey
Fig Tree Ficus Carica Black Mission
Fig Tree Ficus Carica Desert King
Fig Tree Ficus Carica Magnolia
Fig Tree Ficus Carica Texas Everbearing
Fig Tree Ficus Carica Olympian
Fig Tree Ficus Carica Violette du Bordeaux
Jack Fruit
Lychee, starburst fruit “Litchi chinensis Sonn.
Sapindaceae Family.
” “Common Names: Lychee, Litchi, Leechee, Lichee, Lichi.
Distant Affinity: Akee (Blighia sapida), Longan (Dimocarpus longan), Rambutan (Nephelium lappaceum), Pulasan (N. mutabile), Fijian longan (Pometia pinnata).”
Loquat, Japanese Plump “Golden Loquat”, Normal?
Mulberry “Morus spp.
Common Names: Mulberry.
Species: White Mulberry (Morus alba L.), Black
Mulberry (M. nigra L.), American Mulberry, Red
Mulberry (M. rubra L.). Hybrid forms exist between
Morus alba and M. rubra.
” Dwarf Everbearing
Muntingia calabura, Strawberry Tree, Jam tree, Jamaican / Singapore / Panama cherry, Cotton Candy Berry, Calabura, Manzanil “Muntingia calabura
Family: Elaeocarpaceae”
OliveAmerican Persimmon Diospyros virginiana
Kaki or Fuyu Persimmon
Plum “Santa Rosa”
Pomegranate “Punica granatum
” WonderfulBarbados Cherry, Acerola “Malpighia glabra

Black Goji Berries “Lycium Ruthenicum
Family: Solanaceae (Nightshade / Tomato / Potato / Belladonna / Pepper / Eggplant Family)
“Goji Berries “Lycium barbarum

Family: Solanaceae (Nightshade / Tomato / Potato / Belladonna / Pepper / Eggplant Family)
“Guava (Strawberry) Psidium lucidum Strawberry Guava
Guava (Lemon) Psidium guajava Lemon Guava
Guava (Barbie Pink) Psidium guajava Barbie Pink Guava
Guava (Tikal) Psidium guajava Barbie Pink Guava
Guavasteen (Pineapple Guava) “Acca sellowiana; In the Myrtle family Myrtaceae.
Synonym: Feijoa sellowiana
Guava (White) Psidium guajava White Guava

Black Sapote, also called Chocolate Pudding Plant Diospyros Nigra
Mamey Sapote Pouteria sapota
Sherbet Berry Falsa Phalsa Grewia asiatica
Star Fruit Tree,Carambola, Averrhoa carambola, Five-finger
Averrhoa carambola “Bell” Variety.
Surinam Cherry, AKA Pitanga, Brazilian Cherry, Cayenne Cherry
Surinam Cherry, AKA Pitanga, Brazilian Cherry, Cayenne Cherry Eugenia uniflora; Family: Myrtaceae. “Black Star” Variety.
Passion Fruit Passiflora edulis Possum Purple

Misc must-haves:

Moringa (also known as Drumstick tree, Horseradish tree, Tree of Life, Ben oil tree).
Myoga / Japanese Ginger

Tamarind Tamarindus indica; Family: Fabaceae.


Chives ‘Onion’ Allium Schoenoprasum Common / Onion Chives
Garlic (Hardneck) Allium sativum var. ophioscorodon Hardneck varieties owned: Magic,
Spicy Thai Ginger Alpinia Galanga
Ginger, Medicinal Ginger Zingiber officinale ?
Hibiscus Rosa Hibiscus rosa-sinensis Purple Magic, Tropical Yellow, Volcano, Hawaiian Sunset
Lavender, Medicinal Lavendar, Medicinal Lavender Lavandula angustifolia, formerly L. officinalis
Lemongrass, Citronella Grass Cymbopogon sp.
Egyptian Walking Onion – AKA Top Set Onions, Tree Onions, Winter Onions, Perennial Onions Allium x proliferum
Valerian (Valerian Root) Valeriana officinalis

EDIBLE / FRUITING CACTI Species Cultivar / Variety

Aloe Vera, Medicinal Aloe
Nopal, Prickly Pear Cactus, Padded Cactus Genus: Opuntias
Peruvian Apple AKA Night Blooming Cereus Cacti Cereus repandus
Dragon fruit (inside white, outside red) Hylocereus undatus Halley’s Comet
Dragon fruit (inside white, outside pink/red) Hylocereus undatus Undate
Dragon fruit (inside red-purple, outside red) Hylocereus costaricensis Red / Purple Dragon Fruit
H. triangularis????

FRUITING PALM TREES Species Cultivar / Variety

DWARF Musa “Red” Banana Tree Musa Hybrid Dwarf Red
DWARF Musa Acuminata ‘Poquito’ Banana Tree Musa Acuminata Dwarf Poquito
DWARF “Iholena” Pink Banana Tree Musa Hybrid Dwarf Iholena
DWARF Namwah / PIsang Awak Banana Tree Musa Hybrid Namwah, Pslang Awak
DWARF ‘FHIA-01’ Goldfinger Banana Tree Goldfinger FHIA-01
Monzano “Apple” Banana Tree Apple Banana Monzano

Blue Java Ice Cream Banana Tree” Musa acuminata × balbisiana (ABB Group) Blue Java, Ice Cream Banana
Gros Michel Banana Tree “Gros Michel, Guineo Giganet, Banano, and Platano Roatan in Spanish
” USDA Cultivated Gros Michel
Grand Nain “Naine” Banana Tree Musa acuminata Naine
Date Palm Phoenix dactylifera Deglet Noor
Date Palm Phoenix dactylifera Medjool

Jelly Palm Tree, Wine Palm Butia capitata

Mango Mangifera indica, member of the cashew family (Anacardiaceae).

Red Papaya Fruta Bomba
Yellow Papaya
Dwarf ‘TR Hovey’ Papaya Carica Papaya
Pineapple (Short Palm Shrub) Ananas comosus, Bromeliacea White Jade, Sugarloaf, Florida Special, Kona Sugarloaf, Striped Special

Beneficial plants – Useful, pollinator support & nitrogen fixing plants) Species (Latin Name) Cultivar / Variety
California Lilac

More to be added shortly

House Plants Species (Latin Name) Cultivar / Variety

Edible House Plants –
Coffee, Goji Berries, Okinawa & Longevity Spinach, and many more coming.

Snake Plant Sansevieria trifasciata
Spider Plant

Self-seeding annual vegetables:
Scarlet Runner Bean
Green & Red Lettuces